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Every movie I think I might like to see
Every book I think I might like to read
They always involve some kind of love story

Sometimes I think I might like that to be me

I met him one night it was summer the moon was bright
He was musical beautiful and different
I said all I wanna do is fall in love with you tell me how

Sometimes I think I might like to know how

You might think I don't think about it at all
but I can't see the light I feel so small
I won't waste my time I won't settle for less
Don't need one of those guys
who's only desire is to get you undressed
everything's gotta be right
when you're looking for someone to love

For most friends of mine there’s never been a time they were alone
I've seen the big smiles, the drama and tears
well I think thats enough to sum up all of my fears

But sometimes I think i might like to take a chance

Longing to find a paralell mind but i haven’t found one yet. I wanna reach out I wanna find love not something I'll regret