1. Unreachable
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I sit in the grass, sunny Sunday afternoon
I don’t notice the time pass, cuz I’m lost somewhere inside of you
Your sweet face, is singing for the crowds
Your pouring out your soul, and we’re all holding out our cups
Cuz we all want to hold a piece of you
all I wanna know

Tell me how do you reach the unreachable
Is it through the soul or through the hands
Tell me how do I make myself stand out
Everyone wants to reach the unreachable
Oh please tell your eyes not to stare cuz they’re staring at me
Oh and I can’t breath cuz I can’t reach the unreachable

I stand in a line, patiently waiting to meet you
And I hope you don’t notice my absent mind, cuz I lost myself in your eyes
We shared a moment, and I know you felt something
So I cling to every piece, every piece of technology
I hope it brings you closer to me
I just wanna know