Singer songwriter, Lorissa Scriven comes from Taylor B.C. a small industrial town in a beautiful river valley. This gal is gifted with knack for making music in a style that’s all her own. With a very unique presence Lorissa brings to her live shows a piece of her soul to share with everyone. Growing up Lorissa has always known music would be a big part of who she is. Her love of singing and music in general has been evident since the beginning. At six, Lorissa started her musical journey with piano lessons which carried into her teen years. At seventeen she switched gears and decided to take up guitar. As that was starting to come together, she came to the realization that all the writing she'd done throughout the years, had the potential to be turned into songs. Something clicked and before she knew it she had about 30 original songs to her name. She admits, "It's something I just sort of fell into, I never saw myself as a singer songwriter, I've always dreamed about it but didn't really know if I had it in me. I'm really glad this is how it turned out”. 2009 was a big year for Lorissa, a little unsure of her abilities, she decided it was time to jump in ready or not and start performing her songs live. Her very first show took place in a café as an opening act. With the support of friends and family and the attendance of her 100 year old grandmother she eased herself into the performing world. “I had never been so nervous in my life, I was so shaky and awkward I’m sure I sounded terrible! I spent 16 years of my life as a figure skater, I’ve been performing my whole life… but I never had to talk to my audience before… That was brand new” A wave of "opening act" performances followed including shows with Rik Leaf, Hotel California, Nine Mile, Miss Quincy, Deere John and most recently Aaron Pritchett. Spring 2010 was a new beginning for this musical gal with a brand new title; “Winner of Rockin the Peace 2010.” A brand new guitar and a brand new outlook she was off to Calgary to record her debut album, Recorded in living rooms, backyards and a little log cabin with producer Josh Rob Gwilliam and a handful of amazing musicians. “Be The Change” came together over a course of 3 months time. With Hints of nature, a unique voice and a laid back vibe. “Be the change” offers something for everyone, “ I describe it as kind of folk, a little bit rock and a little bit country with a gypsy soul, It’s a bit like me… Doesn’t fit into a certain mould. But hey, I like to play dress up… so I tried on everything”. From song “My Name” a bright teenage anthem to “If It Hurts” a song about darker times, Lorissa invites you to take a journey with her, “Please take off your shoes, find a nice spot in the grass, turn on the music, close your eyes and go to these places with me. We all go through the same things in this life, Its all worth singing about.” The Album was released September 18th 2010 with a full band show and a full house! The future is bright for this young performer and she is well on her way to making a name for herself.