Calgary, Day 4 (Ouch Fingiesss!)

eeewahhhhhhhhhhhh. im so tired! tired tired tired. tired voice tired fingers! twas a long day today for this songbird. I had a really difficult time waking up, i headed over to the other side of the city around 9 30am. we recorded guitar and vocal foundation tracks today. everything went really well.... i didnt get home until nearly 11 tonight. i was quite shocked that i had no problems playing to a click... and making changes in my songs became fun instead of painful. all in all it was a good day... we took a few breaks here and there and watched "changeling" or whatever... it was actually a really good movie.... angelina jolie... i was suprised i don't normally like her. anyyyways I found my way home much better this time but holy crap it was busy! .... i thought it was sunday....? i found out i was much more spastic with the lane changing in the dark haha. anywho... im going to sleep i'm much too tired for computer lab. and the cat abandoned me. how sad...... in other news.... it has come to my attention that cheese curds are strange and caraway triscuits are my favorite. ha. we saw a magpie chasing a squirrel today plus saw some bunnies.... which brings me to a new inquiry..... why are there so many woodland creatures roaming the city? If tomorrow i see a coyote and it just so happens to bite i am not going to be stoked..... somebody's getting a call... holyyyyy man i'm tired! okayyy time to shut up lorissa........ bed time!!!! night all!