Hello out there. Is anybody there... It's me Squirrel Tooth!

So. Hi.
It's been a lengthy amount of time since my last post and I feel slightly awkward about that....... I feel like we have all this distance between us and thats just not right! So here's hoping I can save our relationship.

So, last year at this time I was just about to embark on this cross Canada adventure, life was so exciting, everything was so new, so different! I was slightly afraid of driving away from everything I ever knew all by myself, but the underlying fear was what made it so exciting I think. So now 1 year later I'm back to the exact place my adventure began. but I am here with a new outlook, and now I'm not afraid of leaving I'm afraid of standing still for too long!

My time spent in Ontario was tough at times but looking back now, I think it was the greatest experience of my life so far! I made the best friends, gained the best fans, worked the best job! I have so much awesome to go back and visit now..... Its nice to have people in all corners. What a great feeling. Except now no matter where I am I'm always missing someone. I have been so busy this past year, I've been from Tofino to Halifax and back again just wandering checking everything out. I am back In Taylor now, back home. Enjoying the energy and the period of grounding and of course my new cat Spirit! ha. I can't tell you how great it feels to just be home. There are so many amazing places out there but really home is in the top 3. For always. Yes so... many of you are wondering liiiiike when is Lorissa going to play a damn gig.... wellllll, That I don't know yet. but it will be soon and it will be really fun and I'll make sure you know about it! okay! It's a promise.

These past few days I have been looking through old emails and messages and cards and just really NICE things that you have written and sent in my direction. And I honestly can't believe the wealth of support I had from SO many people when I first released Be The Change ! It blows my mind, I just love you guys so much for believing in me and for keeping it going when I'm layin low. 

I have some exciting things to come for 2013. I'm going to be heading to the big ol city to polish up a brand new EP thats been in the works.... Just lurking waiting to jump out and spook you. Well maybe not spook you hopefully excitily spook you! I'll Give you more details soon!  There is also the possibility of a spring / summer tour with an accomplice or two... I'll give you all the details as things become more certain.  :)  Well I just felt the need to say something. The silence was hurting my ears!!!
Also for those of you who are interested in keeping more closely connected please come find me on facebook or twitter!!! The links can be found on my home page here at ihugtrees. Oh and if you feel like checking out some jam sessions with said accomplice please come visit
www.soundcloud.com/ellescriv  ramble ramble BIG LOVE always lovelies!!! xo L