The Love.

Hiiiiii Guys!  Wow I am just buzzing with excitement right now! No really. (It's not an insect pun! ha.) I feel I've come a very long way in just one weeks time! A week ago today I was moping around the Soo feeling mighty worthless.... faceless..... friendless. Well, That all changed when I decided to go a sing songing! Yes a week ago today my perspective shifted. I've played four times in the Soo this past week. (Thanks to my new "Booking Agent" Ali) and let me tell you..... You folks have been amazing!!! I feel as though I have tapped into this beautiful stream of support. Thank you so much. For you folks back home.... Thank you so much for giving me all your support from afar. You made me feel less alone on this great big journey!!!  Today was kick ass.  I played an hour long set this morning! That was great. and I had a really fun time with you lunch time jammers! I'll post the little sound clip from today below for you! I'm gonna add some pictures..... This will make more sense with pictures :) Anyways... I just wanted to drop a line because I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy. I woke up with a grumpy face and it turned into a happy one. I couldnt be more pleased being where I'm at this moment in time. For those looking to order cds I think I have fixed the email glitch so I hope you can get ahold of me now. we'll get it all sorted out. CDs will be here tuesday for sure. They would have been here tomorrow... but I had to up the anti (thanks to you!) I was already sold out before they arrived..... !!! 
To The Mighty Peace Country: Hugs and Hiiiii's!!!
& Sault Ste. Marie: Thanks for the love.
Right back at ya :)
-wandering scriv

Photo's courtesy of Mark Primavera