Happy Fall

Hello Everybody!
Welcome to my new and improved site! I've been working on how it looks. Now up next.... get some kick ass content happening! Right now it's pretty boring but hey at least you can stream tunes now :) Hope you are all wellI and oooh Happy fall! enjoy this time of year, take it all in before our quick descent into full fledged WINTER. Already?? You've got to be kidding me!  I thought it just left. oh well. Got to love living somewhere with seasons. It makes us more adaptable, and hey who doesn't like a good wool sweater & boots outfit  :) 

Anyways. this year I am trying winter somewhere brand new! I'm moving to Ontario! lets see how this BC gal fairs in the east. Nothings stopping me so I might as well try something completly out of the ordinary. I've never even been there, so I have no idea whats waiting for me there, but I'm excited to find out! The plan is to drive across canada which I am completly stoked on. Thats always been a dream of mine. I have a new goal set too! In the next 2 years i really want to get alot of shows under my belt and I also want to get my music on heartland. haha. yep, thats my goal. i just really love heartland. and they play lots of neat indie artists believe it or not! I can hear my dog outside howling at the moon. okay.... probably a deer, or maybe even a squirrel. well i've got to get to sleep, one more week of work till I'm finished here and off on my adventure! Got to Enjoy Home, my family & friends, my dog, my dirt bike and..... MY CABIN as much as I can! I have lots of singing and art projects to finish up in the cabin, I better get on it!  I'll leave you with this....

much love

I have the cutest dog in the whole wide world. he doesnt hug trees but he does eat grass.

PS. fun fact. today is september 18th! my record has officially been released 1 year now  :) I smile just thinking about this day last year. What a day it was. If you took part. Thank you! That day was all about love.